One Hand Colder Than the Other: Possible Reasons

One Hand Colder Than the Other: Possible Reasons

Some people seem to feel the cold more than others. Among a circle of acquaintances, it is not unusual to find one or more bundled up in warm clothes while others are lightly dressed. It is more of a phenomenon if a cold-sufferer is experiencing cold on one side only, usually just in one hand. 

There are several possible causes for one hand colder than the other intolerance. These include environmental, genetic, emotional, or medical problems. The reasons for one hand feeling colder than the other is more difficult to explain but here are some common causes:

Exposure to Cold

The body’s natural defense against hypothermia is to protect the vital organs first. Heat will be deflected from the extremities to keep organs like the heart from failing. It follows that if one hand is in a warm pocket and the other exposed for example the outer hand will become colder.

Habitual Use

Frequently gripping an object like a computer mouse or certain activities can create friction and heat, leaving the unused hand feeling colder than the other.

Muscle Weakness

Most people use one hand more than the other for common daily tasks. This can result in the inability of muscles in the lesser-used arm/hand to function correctly. Poor circulation and restricted blood flow consequently may lead to a feeling of cold in the hand on that side.

Raynauds Disease

This is one of the most common medical causes of cold hands and often manifests as cold in one hand or fingers on that hand. Cold, numbness, or unpleasant tingling may affect the cold-sufferer. 

Blood vessels in body extremities become oversensitive to changes in temperature or stress and emotional concerns. The hand and/or fingers may look white and bloodless or even turn blue with cold. When warmth and blood flow return to normal, pain may be felt temporarily in the body part affected.

Nerve or Muscle Damage

Any kind of damage that constricts the normal flow of blood to the hand may result in feelings of excessive cold in the affected organ. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) from constant use of one hand may cause pain, numbness and/or coldness.

Lack of Proper Exercise

Cold hands are most often the result of poor circulation where the body is not pumping blood efficiently to the body’s extremities. Sometimes only one or two fingers, on one hand, may feel particularly cold. Daily exercise should increase metabolism and improve the condition.

Can Weighted Blankets Help?

There may be various reasons for cold hands but healthy exercise and dietary habits, exercise, and de-stressing may relieve the symptoms. In recent times weighted blankets have become popular in helping with the problem. These encourage essential peaceful rest and sleep by creating warmth and a sense of wellbeing. 

A Vellux Heavyweight Weighted Blanket is one of the best types to choose with warm fleece material and correct weight to keep the sleeper from cold. Also, with an easily removed washable polyester cover, the Vellux solves all the problems of how to wash weighted blankets.


Underlying medical problems may be a cause of cold in one or both hands and need to be investigated. However, in most cases, beneficial lifestyle changes can regulate the problem.