A comprehensive guide for SBI PO Exam Preparation

SBI PO Exam Preparation

Most individuals in the country are actively attempting SBI PO exams as the jobs are well paid and the best career. Several thousand students across India compete to be selected for the minimum job vacancies. Individuals should have a unique study plan and preparation strategy for clearing the SBI PO exam.

Students eagerly waiting for the SBI notifications can curate a study plan. They have to scrutinise the syllabus of PO SBI and the exam pattern. When you go through the syllabus, it will be easier to understand the critical topics, and the exam pattern will emphasise the same. This article will help individuals to initiate their SBI PO preparations, and one can complete the learning phase within two months.

Week one

In the first week of SBI PO exam preparations, you should separate the study hours into three sections (Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude and English). You can cover topics like inequality, syllogism, data sufficiency and alpha-numeric series in the first week. 

There is more to cover under Quantitative aptitude so ensure you provide extra hours for this section. You will be finishing Algebra, Number Systems, Average, Time and Work, Calculation techniques, Vedic Maths, Square Root & Cube Root, Ratio & Proportion.

When it comes to English, you should concentrate on essential grammar topics such as Rules of Tenses, verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, nouns, pronouns, and articles. Use the last two days of the week for interesting topics like synonyms, antonyms and idioms. Remember that the first six days should be dedicated to learning, and individuals should revise all the sections they’ve learnt.

Week Two

The reasoning section has important topics like order and ranking, seating arrangement and direction. You need to concentrate on these topics during the week two preparations. Once you are done with these, move on to Percentage, number series and probability under quantitative aptitude. Also, finish some topics like Preposition rules, spot the errors and more.

Week Three

Keep the third week light as you have completed more in the first two weeks. One or two topics under each section are more than enough but make sure you go with the important topics or topics you need to improve. Some people need help to solve questions under decision-making, circular arrangement and image-based puzzles. When it comes to QA, profit, loss, Simple and Compound Interest, time, distance, and speed are the crucial topics.

Week four

You can allocate a few days for preparations and a few for revision. Make sure that the first four days of the week are used for learning, and get involved in solving multiple questions the next three days.

By the end of the fourth week, you will have completed many essential topics in the syllabus of PO SBI. In the next few weeks, you can cover the remaining topics. You would have completed most of the topics under quantitative aptitude, and it is vital to go through current affairs. Within two months, you would have completed all the sections and utilised the time until the exam dates for revision.

Revision time

This is crucial to your exam preparations, so you should stay committed. Every day, try to attempt a minimum of two mock tests and also have separate time for essay writing (English language).

Wrapping up

You will finish all the topics under the SBI PO syllabus, and it is important to stay dedicated throughout the learning phase. Gain quality learning resources from the top educational websites.

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