Howie Mandel’s Prolapsed Rectum Video Goes Viral on TikTok

TikTok is trending on Twitter and has over 9.9 Million followers, but this video is not what Mandel has to say about the situation. He hasn’t offered any comment on the video or offered to take down the post. It is unclear why he posted the video in the first place.

NSFW video of a prolapsed rectum

A recent NSFW video of a prolapse of the rectum posted by a YouTuber named Howie Mandel has gone viral. The uncensored video, which was shared on his TikTok account, has garnered over 180 million likes. Although Mandel has since removed the video from his account, it is still available to watch online.

The cause of rectal prolapse is unknown, but doctors can perform surgery to correct it. While the NSFW video is horrifying, many people are baffled that TikTok has not taken it down. It was uploaded by YouTube star Howie Mandel, who has over nine million followers and 180 million likes. In the video, Mandel reveals the condition and confirms that he is experiencing it.

The NSFW video shows the graphic process of rectal prolapse. In it, a portion of the rectum slides down the colon and exits the anus. Mandel asks his audience if they see a connection between this problem and the recent Covid epidemic. However, netizens weren’t happy about the NSFW content of the video, and several users have expressed their shock and grief at this disturbing video.

The America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel has many posts on his TikTok account. Many of his videos are filtered or altered. His videos also have a variety of reactions to other videos posted by other users. The TikTok video has become a trending topic on Twitter in Canada.

NSFW video of a prolapsed rectum on TikTok

In July 2022, TV personality Howie Mandel uploaded a video showing a prolapsed rectum. The video was posted to TikTok and was viewed by more than nine million users. While the video was later deleted, it is still available to view on the internet.

The disturbing picture shocked netizens and some wondered if the video was okay to post. The video showed a bloody rectal prolapse, which occurs when a portion of the large intestine slides out of its normal place. In this case, a doctor may recommend surgery to restore the rectum to its correct position.

The video has since been deleted, though Mandel has not commented on the controversy. Some Twitter users questioned why Mandel posted the graphic image. Others questioned whether Mandel should be allowed to share such a graphic image. In addition, many wondered if TikTok would take down the video. The TikTok community has guidelines that prohibit sharing content that focuses on injury or open wounds. If an account violates these guidelines, TikTok may report the content to legal authorities.

Howie Mandel’s video has been viewed more than 2.8 million times. The America’s Got Talent judge posted the video on his verified TikTok account. His TikTok account has over nine million followers.

The video was left up for several hours before being removed. It had received almost three million views before being taken down by the site. The website also tried to delete users who reposted the video. However, it appears that some people are still upsetting the community.

Deepfake video of a prolapsed rectum on another TikTok video

The video has caused controversy. Many Twitter users have questioned the reason for the laughter, while others criticized Mandel for posting such a graphic image. Many also wonder why TikTok hasn’t removed the video. The platform’s guidelines state that videos shouldn’t focus on injury or open wounds. Additionally, the platform has guidelines for reporting videos that violate these rules.

Rectal prolapse is a medical condition in which a part of the digestive tract slides out of its original position. The condition can be a result of aging or overuse, and it can resemble hemorrhoids. However, unlike hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse does not go away on its own. In some cases, it requires surgery.

A prolapsed rectum video posted by American TV host Howie Mandel on the popular TikTok platform has caused a storm on social media. Although it is against the site’s guidelines, the video has gone viral despite the fact that it depicts a rectal prolapse.

A prolapsed anus is not the most disgusting thing you’ll see on social media today, but it does look gross and disturbing. It’s important to understand that people are more sensitive to these types of videos and to be aware of the risks.