How to Charge Someone Else’s Car Battery?

How to Charge Someone Else's Car Battery?

Generally, people believe that charging someone else’s car battery is harmful to our own battery. In India, it is very common to see people ignoring or sometimes even refusing to assist their fellow driver in trouble. However, the opinions of professionals, including our own employees, are very different. The main thing to keep in the notice is to perform everything with care, following all the rules, by and large, even from physics lessons. Things may seem hard, but it is like shooting fish in a barrel, and if something goes south, online car service in Mumbai is always there to help you.

Why is the battery discharging?

The primary reason for a car battery discharge can be car malfunction. More precisely, it will be related to an idle generator. It is the part responsible for recharging the battery when the car is running. Or maybe it can be due to some faulty wire or poor attachment of the wiring with the generator or the battery. In such cases, the battery will not charge even when the engine is running. 

Over time, its condition could worsen, and somewhere on the busy road, it will make it impossible to start a muffled car. Moreover, it’s important to know that the generator cannot maintain all electrical systems in running condition, and the battery will gradually discharge at idle speed. For example, small trips within the city limits, such as Mumbai with its numerous traffic lights and long traffic jams, can also gradually discharge the battery to zero.

Provide roadside assistance : how to properly light a car

To provide roadside assistance, you must equip yourself with all the necessary tools and accessories, as they can also help you in some unforeseen situation. Mainly it includes wires for charging. If you have them in advance, it can help you insure yourself and help fellow drivers on the road. Minimum requirements for charging wires:

  • Wires cross-section should not be less than 9-12 mm, with the intention that they can survive the required voltage.
  • Well springy “crocodiles” with sharp teeth and large ​​jaws to connect with the battery terminals.
  • The length of wires must be 2-2.5 metres to avoid bumping your bumpers.
  • It’s best if crocodiles are soldered with the wire, not screwed on for a better current flow. 

The connection sequence for recharging the battery using another battery looks like this:

  1. Attach the red cable to the positive (+) terminal of the charged battery.
  2. Join the other end of the same red cable to a dead battery’s positive (+) terminal.
  3. Connect the black cable to the negative (-) terminal of the charged battery.
  4. Connect the other end of this cable (black) to an unpainted motor part, away from batteries, fuel hoses, etc.
  5. The next step is to start the car with a working battery for at least a minute. This will be enough to charge the battery at the minimum level.
  6. Start the car using the dead battery and let it stay like that for a few minutes.
  7. Turn off the car with the working battery.
  8. Disconnect the wires in the strictly opposite way to the connection.


By strictly following all the sequence, you can definitely give life back to a dead battery. Also, this “technical assistance” will not kill your friend’s car. If your car is not ready to start even with the external push, it is time to call doorstep car service in Mumbai.

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